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Course Overview:

Hazardous materials make up a large percentage of industrial incidents. Hazardous materials incidents can have impacts on the safety of your employees, on your bottom line, the environment and your business reputation. Accidents do happen when dealing with chemicals, however the impact on YOUR business depends on how you respond to them. Creating a systematic and organized plan for all contingencies improves employee morale, productivity, and corporate image. Having an accident can be forgiven, responding poorly cannot. This training follows NFPA Codes and Standards, to teach you the proven system to handle hazardous materials effectively.

Learning Objectives:

• Recognize the presence of hazardous materials and their dangers in any given business setting.

• Be able to identify the roles and responsibilities of employees.

• Recognize and react to hazardous materials incidents safely.

• Make proper notifications in case of spill or leak.

• Create company leaders in knowledge and abilities.

• Plant the foundations required to create a successful hazardous materials response plan.

• Set out a plan to systematically respond to any level of hazardous materials incident.

Who should Attend?

• HSSE Manager

• HSE Manager

• Safety Manager

• Safety Specialist

• Fire Officers

• Fire and Safety Manager

• Risk Managers

• Loss Control Specialists

• Emergency Response Team

• Law Enforcement Officials

Course Format:

• Pre-course learning consists of short study to prepare the candidate for the training.

• Series of instructional presentation, videos and exercises are a part of Classroom immersion.

• Daily quiz is implemented to corroborate the learning journey.

Pre and Post course Assessments:

• Participants have to complete the pre-course test before entering the classroom. This is to validate their pre-course learning.

• Participants have to complete post course test as well which is essential to validate their learning journey during the classroom immersion.

Course Incudes:

20 Hours
Lessons/ Topics/ Modules:
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Pre-Course Assessment:
Post Course Assessment: